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  •   Middle East Operations

    Middle East Navigation Aids Service (MENAS) is the registered trading name in the Middle East Gulf and is a wholly owned branch office of IFAN. For over 60 years, MENAS has played a major role in the safety of shipping in the Arabian Gulf and the preservation of the region's marine environment. View more

  •   MMSL Services

    MENAS Marine Services Ltd. (MMSL) is an operating subsidiary of IFAN and operates the Company offshore support vessel Relume. Relume is chartered to exploration and production clients on an opportunity basis, providing a full portfolio of marine and offshore services. View more

  •   OSV Relume Gallery

    Relume is designed to deliver a wide range of marine services and offshore support to the offshore oil industry, environmental protection agencies and marine safety and charting organisations. View gallery

  •   Introduction

    The International Foundation for Aids to Navigation (IFAN) is a charity registered with the UK Charity Commission. IFAN provides effective and reliable marine aids to navigation solutions in the Middle East Gulf from its operational base in Bahrain and its support base in Abu Dhabi.
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