OSV Relume

Relume was commissioned in the Netherlands in 2004 and entered service initially as a light tender serving the maritime community in the Middle East. The ship quickly gained an enviable reputation as a combined offshore support / multi-role OSV. In 2006 she relocated to the North Sea area and has since been continuously employed on both short and long term contracts in the oil and gas industry and also the emerging renewables sector.

In 2015 Relume underwent a machinery and accommodation upgrade to ensure her continued competitiveness in the modern DP market. With excellent position-keeping ability, improved client facilities, increased accommodation, an AHC knuckle boom crane and enhanced deck power arrangements, Relume will be better able to meet clients’ requirements and continue to provide a safe and efficient operational platform.

With an upgraded Kongsberg K-POS ADP 21 system, Relume has excellent position-keeping ability and provides a stable platform complete with new craneage, offering the versatility to perform an array of operations including air-diving, ROV, IRM, geotechnical-drilling and light construction in both the oil & gas and renewables sectors. In addition to her mechanical refit, Relume has undergone an extensive refurbishment of accommodation, with comfortable two-berth cabins boasting en-suite facilities. She has a spacious dining room with healthy, fresh and nutritious menu options prepared by professional catering staff.

Client facilities include dedicated recreation and conference facilities; Satellite TV; outside line telephones and Wi-Fi throughout the accommodation areas in addition to a wellequipped onboard gym facility. Working environments include an operations suite with clients’ offices and workshop space connected to the main working deck together with ample equipment storage facilities.

DP Case

OSV Relume is an IMO Class 2 Dynamic Positioning rated vessel; with an ample working deck fitted with container securing points; multiple electrical power points, a 25-tonne crane; advanced sonar equipment. This multitask specification ensures that OSV RELUME will be able to fully service a diverse range of maritime needs. For full specifications and DP capabilities, please download detailed pdfs.

OSV Relume has been specifically designed to facilitate the delivery of a wider range of related services, enabling MMSL to provide additional support to the offshore oil industry, environmental protection agencies and marine safety and charting organisations.

The vessel’s DP Case consists of the following:

  • FSVAD Flag State Verification & Acceptance Document issued by Govt of Bahamas
  • DP (AA) Class Notation Issued by Lloyds Register
  • DP Operations Manual Verified by Global Maritime, London
  • DP Capability Plots Produced in accordance with IMCA standards by Global Maritime, London
  • DP FMEA Produced and verified by Global Maritime, London
  • DP FMEA Proving Trials Produced and verified by a number of fully independent consulting organisations
  • DP Operational Checklists Verified by Global Maritime,

Work History

Workscope Mode Client Principal
Geotechnical drilling Class 2 Noble Denton RasGas
Crane lift operations Class 2 Noble Denton DPC / Conoco
Crane lift operations Class 2 Noble Denton DPC / Conoco
Geotechnical drilling Class 2 GEMS (UK) Saudi Aramco
Geotechnical drilling Class 2 Noble Denton Total Iran
Geotechnical drilling Class 2 Noble Denton ADOC
Geotechnical drilling Class 2 Noble Denton ADMA/OPCO
Geotechnical drilling Class 2 GEMS (UK) Saudi Aramco
Geotechnical drilling Class 2 GEMS (UK) Arabian Oil Co
Geotechnical drilling Class 2 Noble Denton Maersk Oil Qatar
Workscope Mode Client Principal
ROV Support Class 2 CNS ADMA/OPCO
Seabed logging Class 2 EMGS A/S Worldwide - Various
ROV / Trench Spread Class 2 Tyco Telecomms North Sea - Various
Air Diving Class 2 Red 7 Fluor UK
ROV Support Class 2 ISS Aberdeen North Sea - Various