Peter, Jens and Catherine

IFAN hosts SPC Deputy Director for Pacific navigation project update

On Friday 20th October, Jens Kruger, the SPC’s Deputy Director Ocean and Maritime Programme, visited IFAN’s Headquarters in London.

During the visit, he met IFAN’s CEO, Catherine Mulvihill, and IFAN’s Director, Peter Stanley, to discuss the Pacific Safety of Navigation project’s recent developments and the roadmap for Phase 2 Year 3.

This vital project, which is supported by IFAN, aims to enhance the safety of navigation in the Pacific region, ensuring the secure passage of vessels through its waters. One of the latest notable achievements has been the successful installation of Aids to Navigation (AtoN) infrastructure in the Small Island Developing State of Vanuatu, a significant step towards supporting maritime safety and protection of the marine environment in the country, which hosts one of the richest ecosystems in the region.