IALA visit 22 Feb 2024

IFAN strengthens ties with IALA in visit to French headquarters

IFAN’s CEO Catherine Mulvihill and Development Manager Francesca Pradelli visited IALA’s headquarters in France last week (21-22 February), meeting with Secretary-General Francis Zachariae and Deputy Secretary-General Omar Frits Eriksson.

Discussions focused on the 2024 IALA World-Wide Academy work plan and strategies to enhance collaboration between IFAN and IALA, signalling promising advancements in maritime safety and education.

The IALA World-Wide Academy  has been supported by IFAN ever since it was established in 2012, and throughout the week S-200 WWA training was taking place, providing Catherine and Francesca with an opportunity to observe the IALA WWA in operation.

The meeting also provided a platform to discuss the 2024 IALA WWA workplan and to explore ways to strengthen relations between IALA and IFAN, including through a new project involving IFAN-IALA collaboration and another international partner focused on ocean literacy and navigation safety.”

Catherine said: “It was a pleasure visiting IALA and this collaboration marks a significant step forward in promoting ocean literacy and navigation safety.”

Pictured, left-right, are: Omar Frits Eriksson, Deputy Secretary-General of IALA and Dean of IALA World-Wide Academy; Francesca Pradelli, IFAN’s Development Manager; Catherine Mulvihill, IFAN’s CEO; Francis Zachariae, IALA Secretary-General.