First Board Meeting

First Board Meeting

The International Foundation for Aids to Navigation (IFAN) held its first board meeting of 2023 this month at the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) headquarters in France, after accepting their kind offer to host.

IFAN contributes to a number of maritime organisations, through education and funding of global Aids to Navigation initiatives. IFAN works closely with IALA and in particular its World Wide Academy (WWA). One of the main undertakings of the WWA is the development of Marine Aids to Navigation Training Courses, designed to generate a common approach to Aids to Navigation (AtoN) training and achieve a high standard approach to its implementation.

IALA WWA Dean, Omar Frits Eriksson, said: “We have a warm relationship with IFAN thanks to our shared common interest in educating and putting safety at the forefront through our courses.”

IFAN CEO, Peter Stanley, said: “Many thanks again to IALA for kindly hosting our first board meeting. It was a productive meeting discussing future projects and initiatives for promoting safety at sea and aids to navigation. We were also delighted to welcome new Director, Captain Dave Hill, to the Board but sad to say goodbye to Captain John Evans who has been on the IFAN Board for over 9 years.  We wish him a long and happy retirement”

IFAN’s Chair, Guy Mason, also expressed his thanks to the IALA team for their warm welcome and hospitality. 

Picture: FAN’s representatives at IALA’s Head Office (L-R) 
IFAN Directors Captain Iain Scally, Aslak Ross, Captain Dave Hill, IFAN CEO Peter Stanley, IFAN Chairman Guy Mason, IALA Secretary-General Francis Zachariae, IFAN Board Director Captain John Hughes, IFAN Board Director Alan Marsh, IFAN Development Manager Francesca Pradelli.