New Year Graduates Enhancing Safety in Pacific

New Year Welcomes Graduates Enhancing Safety in Pacific

Welcoming in 2023, IFAN was delighted to hear news that 11 new participants from 9 Pacific Island Countries graduated with International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authority (IALA) Aids to Navigation (AtoN) Level 1 Managers Course in Suva, Fiji, as part of the Pacific Safety of Navigation Project funded by IFAN

The Pacific Safety of Navigation Project is currently in Phase 3 of implementation and is designed to build on the capacity in 13 Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICT). The project aims to support Pacific Islands’ supply chain activities, improve accessibility to all and minimise the impact of maritime transport on the ecosystem, as well as improve safety at sea through programmes such as IALA’s Level 1 AtoN Managers Course to create capacity, awareness and AtoN services.

Pacific Community (SPC) Hydrographer and AtoN Officer, Salesh Kumar said: “Thanks to IFAN, through the Pacific Safety of Navigation Project, we now have 11 more  IALA Level 1 managers trained in the Pacific region. These trained personnel will go back to their respective countries and will work towards enhancing the safety of navigation for the maritime users, protection of the marine environment and property”.

Image: The 11 participants to the IALA AtoN Level 1 Managers course in Fiji at the graduation ceremony, together with SPC and IALA WWA staff